Our Story

Eleis Farm is a family social enterprise. We produce, package and market sustainable red palm oil on the north coast of Guinea. Established in 2013, we work closely with smallholder farmers in the area, helping them increase their yield while reducing their impact on the environment.

Cognizant of the environmental challenges resulting from mangrove wood overexploitation, we founded Sira & Saara, a non-profit funded by our family, private companies and the Global Environment Facility. We coordinated a 16 months’ mangrove preservation and climate resilience project. The project comprised 3 strategic axes: reforestation of inland forests and swamps; promotion of sustainable income-generating activities; and impacted communities’ capacity building. Our project was a success with more than 1,400 beneficiaries, 10 hectares of inland forest protected, 16 cooperatives created, a road built to improve access to local markets for islanders, and the restoration of water source in the village of Conakridy.

Our mission is to become an economic engine that works in harmony with the environment and the empowerment of women and smallholder farmers in West Africa with a supply chain which is a transparent as our oil.